custom label pinsLabel pins are more than accessories; they are symbols about yourself and the things you believe in. Because they impart a message, you need to take care of these pins to express that statement well. Good maintenance preserves their function and appeal, and it will also leave a good impression to those who see them.

Since they are worn on clothing, they need to be clean to prevent the cloth from staining. The bottom part gets into contact with your skin so it may be coated with sweat and skin oils. Thus, you need to sanitize your label pins every now and then. Here is how to keep them in good condition:

  1. Get manufacturer instructions. Manufacturers of custom label pins usually give tips on how to care for the pins. These can be found on a leaflet or on the box containing the product. If it’s not there, seek their website and check their FAQ section. You may also contact their customer support service. Before trying anything else, do this step first. It’s possible that they have highly specific directions for cleaning and maintaining their products to produce the best results, especially if they’re using unique and delicate materials.
  2. Wipe your custom label pins with a dry, clean, and non-abrasive fabric. Dust and oil can accumulate on your pins especially if you wear them often. Develop the habit of dusting and drying them whenever you take them off. This will pay off in the long run because they’ll lasta long time. On the contrary, if you leave residues on the pins, they will become harder to remove later on. These might also permanently disfigure the accessories. Avoid this by immediately cleaning them up whenever you can.
  3. Take pins off clothing when you’re done wearing them. People sometimes forget about their label pins, thus they get washed along with the laundry. This might not only damage the pins but your clothes as well.To prevent water-damaged pins and torn attire, remove these pins before undressing. Check your clothing and see whether you have left your label pins on some of them.
  4. Use only mild cleaning agents.Label pins are oftentimes cleanable by simply wiping them. For as much as possible, do not apply liquid cleansing solutions to your pins unless you’re sure that they’re safe for you and for the items. When your pins are painted on and it has no protective epoxy covering on top of the designs, the images may wash off upon rinsing. So again, avoid liquids for as much as possible. If you have to remove gunk that’s stuck to the pins, moisten it with slightly warm water. If you have to use soap, choose the mildest versions like baby soap. Gently scrub to remove stubborn grime but take care not to scratch the material.
  5. Do not use corrosive or acidic cleaners and substances. This includes wet wipes. These sometimes contain alcohol, which may damage certain materials that are used for label pins. Avoid spraying cologne or perfume near the pins. If you’re cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer, make sure that they don’t get into contact with them.
  6. Store custom label pins away in a safe container. Line them with cushions and keep label pins separate from each other. Pins often have sharp edges that may leave scratch marks on another label pin. Be careful on how you position your pins when in storage. Do not put rusty pins with polished ones to avoid the rust from spreading. The best place to store them in is in a cushioned, water and air-tight container to keep the elements at bay.

Custom label pins are wearable signs. Take care of them so that you will regularly benefit from their ability to convey ideas simply by being there.